WarOrder: maps WarOrder: maps

  • World Classic

    Regions:6 Territories:42

  • Africa

    Regions:9 Territories:52

  • Ancient Greece (D12)

    Regions:11 Territories:57

  • Arctic Circle (D12)

    Regions:6 Territories:34

  • Asia (D12)

    Regions:8 Territories:52

  • Australasia (D12)

    Regions:11 Territories:34

  • Balkans

    Regions:9 Territories:58

  • Black Sea (D12)

    Regions:14 Territories:52

  • Caribbean

    Regions:6 Territories:26

  • Chicago

    Regions:9 Territories:60

  • D Day

    Regions:12 Territories:65

  • East Indies (D12)

    Regions:11 Territories:56

  • The Ganglands

    Regions:14 Territories:107

  • Elven World

    Regions:7 Territories:46

  • Europe from Moscow

    Regions:9 Territories:32

  • Fantasy Realm

    Regions:26 Territories:93

  • France (D12)

    Regions:26 Territories:93

  • Germany

    Regions:8 Territories:40

  • Gold Coast (D12)

    Regions:13 Territories:68

  • Island of Despair

    Regions:7 Territories:60

  • Japan

    Regions:8 Territories:40

  • Navajo Nation

    Regions:17 Territories:65

  • New Zealand

    Regions:14 Territories:44

  • North America I

    Regions:13 Territories:60

  • North America II (D12)

    Regions:14 Territories:64

  • Persia

    Regions:8 Territories:52

  • Philippines (D12)

    Regions:9 Territories:35

  • Rio de Janeiro

    Regions:9 Territories:42

  • Roman Empire

    Regions:13 Territories:64

  • The Nine Kingdoms

    Regions:9 Territories:30

  • Timor Islands (D12)

    Regions:6 Territories:26

  • United States

    Regions:12 Territories:75

  • Vikings

    Regions:8 Territories:44

  • Viking Wars

    Regions:11 Territories:54

  • World Explored

    Regions:21 Territories:95

  • West Indies (D12)

    Regions:6 Territories:42

  • World Inverted (D12)

    Regions:17 Territories:81

  • World War 2

    Regions:12 Territories:66

  • Risk 2

    Regions:6 Territories:48

  • WW2 Classified (D12)

    Regions:12 Territories:75

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